Pregnancy Loss - Fetal Demise, Miscarriage

Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy Loss Program – Fetal or Maternal Indication

We understand that it can be an overwhelming experience for a family to receive such devastating news regarding pregnancy loss of a wanted pregnancy. We offer our support and kindness to help you through this crisis.

Our Pregnancy Loss Program includes:

  • Sensitive support to help families to cope with grieving
  • Honoring and remembering the baby (at your request)
  • Foot prints
  • Coordinating with funeral homes for services
  • Alternative semi-private waiting area for your family/support persons
  • Counseling and other support referrals
  • Coordination of arrangements for further genetic testing

Miscarriage Management

Miscarriage, or spontaneous abortion, is when a pregnancy has ended and is no longer progressing. Miscarriage is a common occurrence. Estimates are that 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Signs of Miscarriage

You may be experiencing a miscarriage if you have spotting, light to heavy bleeding during pregnancy. You may also pass clots and experience pain in your abdomen or cramping.

Information Needed to Schedule Your Pregnancy Loss Program Appointment

Fetal Indication

Fetal Demise

  • Name of referring physician
  • Confirmation from referring physician (fax preferred, but can be brought in on day of procedure)
  • Insurance information

Incomplete Miscarriage

  • Name of referring physician
  • Insurance information

On Your Appointment Day

  • If you prefer the semi-private waiting area, a patient advocate will meet with you after you sign in.
  • You will have an ultrasound exam done to confirm gestation.
  • Next you will have lab work done.
  • You will have a private session with your patient advocate to discuss your abortion procedure, consents, and any questions/concerns you may have.