Birth Control Options

You have the option of birth control that is taken daily, weekly, monthly, or every three months. We also offer methods that last from three to 10 years and permanent sterilization. We’ve listed the options we offer in order from the most permanent, starting with Essure sterilization, down to the ones that are short-acting, including after-the-fact emergency contraception.

Essure Safe, effective outpatient permanent sterilization.
IUDs Intrauterine devices that protect for 3-10 years.
Nexplanon Arm implant that protects up to three years.
Depo Provera Injection that protects for three months.
NuvaRing Vaginal ring that protects for one month.
Ortho Evra Patch that protects for one week.
Oral Contraceptives (“The Pill”) Taken daily for pregnancy prevention.
Condoms & Spermicides One-time protection.
Emergency Contraception One time use after unprotected intercourse.
Choosing a Method
Birth Control Fees

“I was having side effects with my birth control and the doctor was so understanding and really talked to me about my options so I could find the right kind for my body.”

Essure tubal sterilization


This is a gentle, hormone-free birth control procedure – without cutting or the risks associated with getting your tubes tied. Essure is permanent birth control that works with your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy and can be performed in our office in minutes. The procedure is done under a light sedation and women can return to work the following day.

Essure Permanent Birth Control Webpage

Essure Fact Sheet [PDF]

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IUDs available at Allentown Womens Center


An IUD is a highly effective long term but reversible method of birth control. A T-shaped device is inserted into the uterus. AWC offers three types of IUDs.

  • Paragard – hormone-free and is effective up to 10 years.
  • Mirena & Kyleena – contain hormones and are effective up to 5 years.
  • Skyla & Liletta – contain hormones and are effective up to 3 years. It is slightly smaller than the other two IUDs, making it a good option for women who have never been pregnant.

Many insurance plans cover IUDs. Preliminary STI testing and a Pap test are typically done prior to inserting an IUD. IUDs can be inserted at an office visit or post-abortion follow up exam.

IUD Fact Sheet [PDF]

Paragard Patient Referral Form
ARCH Patient Assistance Program (Mirena, Skyla, Kyleena)
Liletta Patient Programs

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Nexplanon is a matchstick sized rod that is inserted into the arm between the bicep and tricep. This implant can be left in place for up to three years and is highly effective. Many insurance plans cover Nexplanon and it can be inserted at an office visit or on the day of an abortion procedure.
Nexplanon Fact Sheet [PDF]

Nexplanon Insurance Coverage Information

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Depo-Provera (MPA)

This is a birth control injection that lasts for three months. This method is highly effective and easy to use. Women using Depo-Provera only have to come into the office four times a year to get their injections.
MPA Fact Sheet [PDF]

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NuvaRing birth control


NuvaRing is a clear, flexible ring that is inserted into the vagina and left in place for three weeks. After three weeks the ring is removed and the user will get a period. When the ring is inserted correctly it should not be felt by the user.
NuvaRing Fact Sheet [PDF]

NuvaRing Multiuse Saving Coupon

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Ortho Evra

Ortho Evra is a matchbook sized birth control patch. It delivers the same hormones as the birth control pill. Each month the user will get 3 patches. The patch is changed once a week. At the end of the third week the last patch is removed, and the user typically has a period.
Ortho Evra Fact Sheet [PDF]

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Oral Contraception Pills

Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCPs or “The Pill”)

OCPs are one of the most popular methods of birth control and are highly effective if taken daily, as directed. There are many different types and brands of birth control that are available to women. Pills can also be purchased at AWC at a low cost. AWC also accepts some insurance plans that cover the cost of the pill.
OCP Fact Sheet [PDF]

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Condoms used for birth control

Condoms & Spermicide

Both internal (commonly known as “female”) and external (commonly known as “male”) condoms are barrier methods of birth control. When used properly during every act of intercourse they highly effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs. There are many different varieties of condoms that can be purchased inexpensively at most stores.
External Condom Fact Sheet [PDF] & Internal Condom Fact Sheet [PDF]

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Emergency Contraception

  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills
    • Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse and are 75% – 95% effective in preventing pregnancy. ECPs can be purchased at AWC at a very low cost.
  • Paragard
    • The IUD, or intrauterine device, Paragard can also be used as emergency contraception. Paragard can be inserted up to 5 days after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It is much more effective than the emergency contraceptive pill (or “morning after pill”) because it reduces your risk of getting pregnant by more than 99%. Another advantage to the Paragard is that you can keep it in place to prevent pregnancy for up to ten years.
      ECP Fact Sheet [PDF]

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Choosing a Method of Birth Control

If you need help choosing the method of birth control that is right for you, our medical staff and/or counselors are available to help. You can also view our birth control fact sheets [PDF] or visit our birth control online resources page and use one of the method matchers available online.

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Birth Control Fees

For patients without insurance, AWC offers high quality healthcare at one of the lowest prices in the area. Our fees for Essure, IUDs, and Nexplanon are comprehensive and include the office visit, insertion fee, cost of the device and follow-up appointment one month later. Call during our office hours for a quote.

If you are covered by a participating insurance company, call with your insurance information on hand and we can find out what your coverage is for the contraceptive method you desire.

If you’re struggling to find your prescription birth control at an affordable price, GoodRx may be able to assist you.

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