Forms & Fact Sheets

If you’re looking for General Services brochures or Trans Health Services brochures in English and/or Spanish click HERE.

Abortion forms and fact sheets

Pre-Abortion Instructions – Local Anesthesia

Pre-Abortion Instructions IV Sedation (asleep)

Pre-Abortion Instructions Medical Abortion (non-surgical abortion by pill)

Abortion After-Care Instructions

Rh Factor Fact Sheet

Birth Control fact sheets

Birth Control Options Fact Sheet

Depo Provera (MPA) Fact Sheet

Emergency Contraceptive Pills Fact Sheet

External Condom Fact Sheet

Internal Condom Fact Sheet

IUD Fact Sheet

Nexplanon Fact Sheet

NuvaRing Fact Sheet

Oral Contraceptive Pill FDA Fact Sheet


Progestin – Only Oral Contraceptive Pill Fact Sheet

Gynecology & Trans Health forms and fact sheets

Colposcopy Fact Sheet

LEEP Fact Sheet

HPV Gardasil Fact Sheet

STD & STI Fact Sheet

pdficon_smallSuspected Ectopic Pregnancy


Medical History

pdficon_smallSexual History

pdficon_smallMasculinizing HRT Consent


Feminizing HRT Consent


Reproductive Rights HRT Consent

Support & Decision-Making fact sheets

pdficon_small A Guide to Making Ethical Choices


A Guide to Pain Management Techniques

pdficon_smallChristian Women and Abortion

pdficon_smallEmotional and Spiritual Resolution After an Abortion

pdficon_smallEspecially For Men

pdficon_smallHealthy Coping After an Abortion


Help for Women in Abusive Relationships

pdficon_smallHow Can I Decide?

I Know I Made the Right Decision

pdficon_smallMom, Dad, I’m Pregnant

pdficon_smallPregnancy Options Workbook

pdficon_smallSelf-Soothing Techniques

pdficon_smallThe Question of Abortion: A Search for Answers

pdficon_smallWill It Hurt?

pdficon_smallYou Are a Good Woman


Employment & Volunteering

pdficon_smallApplication for Employment

Volunteer Application and Responsibilities

Health & Wellness

pdficon_smallA Guide to Family Health History

pdficon_smallA Guide to Genetics & Health