Therapeutic Counseling Services

Allentown Women’s Center is proud to offer patients affordable, in-house therapeutic counseling services with resident therapist Rebecca.

Rebecca received her Master’s in Social Services from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and is a Licensed Social Worker in Pennsylvania. Rebecca has worked in a variety of settings including abortion care, acute co-occurring inpatient psychiatry, college counseling, victim services, and private practice. 

Rebecca uses a relational perspective and believes that an intentional, meaningful interaction with a therapist is the foundation for transformation. Relying on honest communication, warmth, and when needed, a bit of humor to create change, Rebecca has great care for what her clients feel they need.

Rebecca specializes in trauma, sexuality and gender, and mood/personality disorders. She is sensitive to the ways in which trauma and oppression impact the heart, body, and mind. She feels it is an honor to walk with her clients as they heal.

To discuss appointment availability and fee schedules, contact Rebecca:

Rebecca Glassman, LSW
Licensed Social Worker
(484) 821-0821 ext. 35
[email protected]