Therapeutic Counseling Services

Allentown Women’s Center is proud to offer patients affordable, in-house counseling services with resident therapist Emily Moriarty.

Emily is a graduate of Lehigh University’s Counseling Psychology master’s program and is currently pursuing licensure with the state of Pennsylvania. She is supervised by Dr. Alexandra Milspaw. Emily began working in abortion care at the Allentown Women’s Center while finishing her education and is glad to continue providing compassionate care here, in an expanded role.

Emily offers individual, couples, family, and group therapy at the Allentown Women’s Center and specializes in issues related to gender, sexuality, post-abortion counseling, anxiety, depression, and trauma. She believes strongly in tailoring her approach to each of her clients’ individual needs and therefore utilizes a number of therapeutic techniques in her treatment approach.

Emily offers a supportive, nonjudgmental, and empathic atmosphere where her clients feel safe in exploring their struggles, fears, hopes, and strengths. It is Emily’s belief that each individual already possesses exactly what they need to achieve healing; therefore it is not her job to “fix” her clients but to support them in their efforts to uncover their own power, resilience, and sense of peace.

Counseling Services: Specialty Areas:
• Individual • Gender & Sexuality
• Couples • Post-Abortion Counseling
• Family • Anxiety
• Group • Depression
• Trauma

To discuss appointment availability and fee schedules, contact Emily:
Emily Moriarty, M.Ed.
Clinical Psychotherapist
(484) 821-0821 ext. 35