Trans Health

AWC provides compassionate caring and accessible reproductive healthcare. Our safe and affirming services include hormone replacement therapy, assistance with legal document changes, upper/lower exams, self-injection instruction, referrals, transition care, and abortion care.

Beginning Hormone Replacement Therapy – First Medical Appointment

  • Medical History: You will be asked to fill out paperwork pertaining to your medical and family history.
  • Physical exam (If you have had a physical exam in the past year, you can bring those records to your appointment or have them faxed to AWC.)
  • You’ll have a chance to meet with our Medical Director to discuss the medical considerations for beginning and/or continuing your transition hormonally.

Beginning Hormone Replacement Therapy – Second Medical Appointment (Must have referral letter from counselor/therapist)

  • Review lab work with Medical Director
  • Discuss next steps in your care

Continuing Care

  • Once prescribed hormones, you should expect to return to AWC within 3 months
  • Blood work will be done to monitor hormone levels
  • If you are using injectable hormones, we will offer self- injection lessons with our medical support staff.

Counseling Services & Referrals

  • AWC does require a referral letter from a counselor/therapist in order to begin hormone therapy.
  • Patients who have already begun hormone therapy and are transferring to AWC, do not require a letter.
  • AWC has a therapist on staff who offers convenient, affordable counseling in the office.
  • For a list of mental health and counseling referrals, including several who offer Skype®, please call the office.

Referral letters from your counselor/therapist can be faxed to AWC or brought in on the day of your appointment.

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