Forms & Fact Sheets

If you’re looking for General Services brochures or Trans Health Services brochures in English and/or Spanish click HERE.

Abortion forms and fact sheets

Pre-Abortion Instructions – Local Anesthesia

pdficon_small Pre-Abortion Instructions IV Sedation (asleep)

pdficon_small Pre-Abortion Instructions Medical Abortion (non-surgical abortion by pill)

pdficon_small Abortion After-Care Instructions

pdficon_small Rh Factor Fact Sheet

Birth Control fact sheets

pdficon_small Birth Control Options Fact Sheet

pdficon_small Depo Provera (MPA) Fact Sheet

pdficon_small Emergency Contraceptive Pills Fact Sheet

pdficon_small External Condom Fact Sheet

pdficon_small Internal Condom Fact Sheet

pdficon_small IUD Fact Sheet

pdficon_small Nexplanon Fact Sheet

pdficon_small NuvaRing Fact Sheet

pdficon_small Oral Contraceptive Pill FDA Fact Sheet

pdficon_small Ortho-Evra-Fact-Sheet

pdficon_small Progestin – Only Oral Contraceptive Pill Fact Sheet

Gynecology & Trans Health forms and fact sheets

pdficon_small Colposcopy Fact Sheet

pdficon_small LEEP Fact Sheet

pdficon_small HPV Gardasil Fact Sheet

pdficon_small STD & STI Fact Sheet

pdficon_small Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy


Medical History

pdficon_small Sexual History

pdficon_small Masculinizing HRT Consent


Feminizing HRT Consent


Reproductive Rights HRT Consent

Support & Decision-Making fact sheets

pdficon_small  A Guide to Making Ethical Choices


A Guide to Pain Management Techniques

pdficon_small Christian Women and Abortion

pdficon_small Emotional and Spiritual Resolution After an Abortion

pdficon_small Especially For Men

pdficon_small Healthy Coping After an Abortion


Help for Women in Abusive Relationships

pdficon_small How Can I Decide?

I Know I Made the Right Decision

pdficon_small Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant

pdficon_small Pregnancy Options Workbook

pdficon_small Self-Soothing Techniques

pdficon_small The Question of Abortion: A Search for Answers

pdficon_small Will It Hurt?

pdficon_small You Are a Good Woman

Employment & Volunteering

pdficon_small Application for Employment

Volunteer Application and Responsibilities

Health & Wellness

pdficon_small A Guide to Family Health History

pdficon_small A Guide to Genetics & Health